Much has been (and continues to) be written about the different financial market trading aspects. Questions around its integrity, veracity, and security are all valid and should be asked and answered before diving into trading with an online broker. Finally, it should also be determined whether the online trading’s high exposure to risk is suitable for both beginner and expert traders’ investment goals.

The good news is that the growing reach of the World Wide Web and the rapidly advancing digital technologies are changing the world’s financial markets. The fact that the access to (and movement of) information is borderless, consistent, instant, and available at minimal cost is opening up opportunities for brokerage firms like Jones Mutual to enter the online trading space. At this juncture, it is vital to note that Jones Mutual is not the only online trading platform available to trade with. There are lots of companies (both fraudulent and authentic) open for business.

Therefore, the question that needs to be asked and answered is why you should trade with Jones Mutual and not another broker. In other words, what are the advantages of opening an account with Jones Mutual as opposed to another brand?

The answer is quite simple and can be encapsulated in three words: security, technology, and customer service. Let’s take a look at the Jones Mutual brand in relation to each of these words by way of answering the question of why you should invest with Jones Mutual and not another online trading platform.


The sad reality is that the increase in which the global population can access the Internet has been partnered with the rise in fraudulent activities such as identity theft, data theft, and financial theft. Therefore, to ensure that you are not included in the fraudsters reach, you need to make sure that your network connectivity is secured end-to-end. In other words, all outgoing traffic, as well as incoming traffic, needs to be secured by firewalls and other forms of Internet protection. Equally importantly, it is essential to trade with a brokerage who makes online trading security a priority.

Jones Mutual is way ahead of the pack concerning website security. They make a point of ensuring that their online trading platform has the most technologically advanced protection available in the industry. Additionally, technology has to work hard and continually innovate to keep ahead of hackers. Consequently, Jones Mutual plays its part in continuing to ensure that their trading platform stays safe to use by keeping up with the latest security innovations.


As far as the Jones Mutual brand is concerned, the term “technology” is partnered with innovation. Technological innovation is as important to them as making sure that they implement cutting-edge security measures on both their website and their online trading platform (which is part of their website). In this manner, Jones Mutual spearheads technological innovations in the financial trading space.

Part of their innovative culture is to leverage current, historical, and forecast analytical data, financial market news, and statistics so that their clients are kept up to date with what is happening on the global markets. This, in turn, gives their traders a leading edge when it comes to making the right trading decisions.

Customer service

One of the primary foundations of a successful business is its commitment to providing excellent customer service. In summary, if a brand does not get the customer service aspect right, there is very little chance that it will succeed irrespective of how good its product is. In other words, if a company does not pay attention to its customer’s needs, it has a higher chance of failing than being successful.

Consequently, Jones Mutual’s customer service team prides itself on its dedication to making sure that their traders are in the best position to trade successfully. Not only do they communicate quickly and succinctly, but the brand also provides a trading academy with a complete collection of training aids including eBooks, videos, and articles on beginner to advanced technical material.

Final words

In summary, to be a successful financial market trader, you need the following three elements: an excellent online trading partner, sound financial management, and a stable mind that knows what it wants. If you take any one of these aspects away, your trading success will be compromised. To this end, Jones Mutual strives to make sure that its brand is that of online trading excellence.